This Is Why You’re Failing in Fitness

One word can sum up the reason most people fail at reaching their fitness goals, accountability. What is accountability? Simply put, it is being responsible and mindful of the day to day decisions we make that impact our fitness goals.

For example, it is possible to provide someone with all the appropriate information, strategies and philosophies when it comes to training and diet, but this can all fail if the individual does not stick to the plan or did not try hard enough to follow through with it to the end to the best of their ability.

Let’s say someone is given a diet, anecdotally this diet has worked for tonnes of people, but there is one person who the diet just does not seem to work out. The science behind the diet and the strategies being used are all proven to work, why isn’t the person losing body fat? The harsh reality is, the individual is more likely than not cheating themselves. Maybe they are making excuses to stuff themselves at an office party, or they go for seconds or even thirds of cake… Now, that isn’t to say that someone who works hard, and is accountable but does not get the same results as their favourite actor should have their efforts discounted. At the end of the day we also have to consider the differences between individuals. Things such as genetics, schedules, careers, finances, and social differences can all play a role in the results we get.

At the end of the day, the only person who decides what does into our mouths is ourselves and this is where accountability comes into play. We should be accountable for the decisions we make, and if we are not then we cannot blame the program or diet for not working.

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