The Body Is A Supercar, Not A Bicycle

What does the body and Ferrari have in common? At first glance, not much, but when you start to break it down and think about all the intricacies that goes into each, the two become comparable. 

Take this into consideration, a bicycle can be bought nearly anywhere for under $100, there are few moving parts, they can be easily replicated, and mass produced off a factory line.

Now think about a Ferrari, it takes a ton of time, resources, research, parts and balancing of many factors to create the complex machine. Like a Ferrari, the human body should be considered a complex and intricate balancing act for optimal performance. There are many things that should be considered and balanced in order to create both. For example, can we put a v12 engine into a run of the mill Toyota and compare it to the v12 that is placed into a Ferrari? probably not. Not only is the engine far too powerful for the cheap Toyota, but the balancing of the machinery is missing, probably meaning the Toyota is unable to handle the raw power of the engine.

In a similar fashion, the human body requires the balance of many factors in order to build a good physique. Factors such as metabolism, the creation of new muscle, limiting muscle breakdown, recovery, hydration, and many other factors must be balanced in order to achieve desired results. Because of this, there is no single universal answer to issues or concerns when it comes to fitness. We cannot think about fat loss without considering muscle mass, we cannot think about our diet without considering athletic performance and so on. 

With this philosophy in mind, it’s not hard to see why it’s important to understand and keep all the factors of our being in balance. This means while trying to improve our physical health  we must continue to consider the health of our psychological, social, emotional and spiritual self.

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