How to Have Good Gym Etiquette

Going to the gym should be a fun experience for everyone. Being considerate can further the positive experience, the following are some tips for proper gym etiquette:

1. Read over the gym rules.

Before you start your first workout at a new gym, you should read the rules of the land, they are there so there isn’t anarchy. Read and respect the rules.

2. Wipe down the equipment.

This is simple, you sweat when you workout, so wipe down the equipment after you’re done.

3. No cell phone.

Leave your cell phone in the locker room – you are at the gym to exercise, not to chat or conduct business.

4. Put the weights back.

When you’re done with the weights or equipment, make sure to put them back.

5. Avoid hogging machines.

If you are planning to do several sets or variations of routines, be aware of your follow gym-goers and let them work-in with you.

6. Be aware of mirrors.

Do not walk between others exercising and the mirror. Many gym exercisers are using the mirror to try to watch their form and they will not appreciate the distraction.

7. Smelling too good is bad.

Put on antiperspirant, but not cologne or perfume. People are there to work out and don’t want to smell you. It can be distracting and hard to concentrate when you just want to inhale fresh air during reps.

8. Do your exercises properly.

It’s all about form, and not how much weight you can do. You don’t want injuries and have to start back at zero.

9. Give a hand.

If someone needs a hand, then lend a helpful one. Having someone spot you is for safety, and helps you build those muscles.

10. Finally, the most important one is people are not there to date!

Pretty simple one here!

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