Flexibility: no, not the ability to flex

This may be one of the most important aspects of fitness that people don’t talk about enough. Flexibility in terms of training and diet are critically important for long term success and enjoyment of an individual’s fitness journey. While it is great to follow a workout program or a diet to the dot and never cheat on our diet, or do an extra exercise, or remove an exercise, we are not robots and sometimes things in life just happen.

Maybe there’s an office party, maybe a certain exercise hurts, or maybe you’re feeling great in the gym and want to get some extra credit. While it is important to remember to be accountable for our actions and decisions made in and out of the gym to truly chase our fitness goals, we also have to realize that sometimes life just happens.

So it was little Jimmy’s surprise party at the office and there was your favourite tiramisu cake calling your name and you had a slice, what do you do next? Do you continue to just eat and get back on track tomorrow? Do you do extra cardio to burn it off? Not exactly.

Reaching a fitness goal is honestly a combination of everything. Nutrition, training, lifestyle, you name it. The amount each variable contributes and plays a role in reaching the same goal can really change day by day. For example, if we were to have that extra piece of cake, don’t freak out, it’s not the end of the world because we know we can be flexible with the lifestyle we understand that we can adjust other things in our day to help account for it. Maybe we can go out for an extra walk with our dog, maybe we can eat a little less at dinner or maybe we’ll do nothing at all because we know we were working hard for the past month and this was the first slip up.

As long as we recognize the slight bump in the road, we can accept it has happened and plan to move past it and continue towards our goal. This is how we can allow for an overall balanced lifestyle, and avoid becoming someone who has a small anxiety attack because of an extra piece of cake.

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